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Health Benefits of Eating Enough Amino Acids

You may have been eating foods that are rich in the same types of nutrients to eat a balanced diet yet you are far from achieving this goal. You should have more vitamins and proteins on your diet than fats and carbohydrate. There are essential and non-essential amino acid but how many essential amino acids do you know and their benefits?

Methionine helps in enhancing the operation of cells by releasing molecules that have sulphur to do the task. Insist on having meat, eggs and fish because your body needs methionine to repair muscles by activating protein synthesis when you get hurt during workouts.

Bodybuilders are advised to have enough lysine because it enhances muscle mass. It also promotes the development of collagen and increases the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium into the body. Collagen, iron, zinc and calcium increase the rate of recovery when the body gets injuries and wounds. Lysine eliminates hormonal imbalances and strengthens the immunity by triggering the production of hormones and antibodies. he high blood pressure is adjusted to the average level, and the cold sore outbreaks are prevented in a body that has lysine. Lysine deficient leads to hair loss and delayed hair growth, fatigue and low concentration levels and it is high in pork, poultry, soybeans, sardines and brewer’s yeast.

Threonine is not crucial in the body until it metabolizes into glycine because glycine is responsible for high brain functionality and it also prevents muscle spasticity. Doctors recommend that one who has muscle and nerve disorders to consume foods that have more glycine because it is the medicine. It also works with other amino acids to create collagen and tooth enamel. Gelatin, milk and eggs are enriched with threonine amino acids.

There is o much tryptophan in soybeans, chocolate, peanuts, cheese, sesame seeds, eggs and turkey meat. While some medicines react with tryptophan and increase the amount of serotonin, this is the task of tryptophan even without the presence of drugs so that serotonins can improve the moods of the person and relieve pain.

Phenylalanine treats PKU genetic disorder and it is also a precursor for neurotransmitters like adrenaline such as norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine. This amino acid accumulates in the blood plasma and the brain to offer the body a calming effect. Those who love wheat germ, cottage cheese, meat and squash seeds are lucky because their bodies have enough phenylalanine amino acid.

The level of stress, muscle metabolism and energy levels are controlled by valine. The acid also grows and regenerates muscles. Cognitive defects are the outcomes of deficiency in valine; therefore, you should not avoid eating soybeans, meat, cheese and vegetables since they are the best sources of valine.

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