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Types of Grinding Wheels

The primary ingredient that is used in making a grinding wheel are matrix coarse particles. For this reason, wheels made become the perfect option in grinding machines that are great for abrasive cuttings. The concrete, stainless steel, metal and asphalt are materials that are frequently cut by these grinding wheels. Because of this, it can give you an idea that these tools are designed for heavy-duty use in both manufacturing and industrial firms.

Having these tools in your inventory is very important especially if you are planning to open your own manufacturing and industrial firm. Just before you place bulk orders on the other hand, you must know too the various types of grinding wheels that are for sale in the market. In this regard, you may want to read the next paragraphs.

Number 1. Straight wheel – basically, this is the most common kind of grinding wheel and therefore, you won’t have a hard time finding them. It delivers a slightly concave surface which is great if you are doing bench or pedestal grinding operations. The power of the machine and class of work to be done will dictate the diameter, width and form.

Number 2. Cylinder wheel – this wheel is large and as a result, they are the ideal grinding wheel when doing vertical or horizontal grinders. The only part that is effective in this unit is the end-face of the wheel for the reason that there is no center mounting support.

Number 3. Tapered wheel – when it comes to this tool, it is quite useful when grinding thread, gear teeth and other similar activities. When compared to a straight wheel, tapered wheel is actually stronger. It is capable as well of dealing with big lateral load and this is due to the reason that tapered wheel is a straight wheel that is tapering out towards the center.

Number 4. Straight cup – as for this grinding wheel, it has this extra radial grinding surface and this surface actually makes it the smarter option with regards to cutter grinders and tools.

Number 5. Diamond wheel – as the name suggests, such tool has industrial characteristic of diamond that’s bonded to periphery. This is the exact same reason as well why such tool is the ideal equipment when grinding tough substances similar to carbide, gemstones and concrete.

Number 6. Mounted point – for this tool, even though it is small, it is bonded to a mandrel and it comes in two different types of mounted points, the resin and diamond.

It is important to have knowledge even basic ones for these types of grinding wheels.

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